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Lose Fat Fast is a private Weight Loss Practice run by a health coach and approved by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Our whole team strives to make your experience of losing weight a positive one. At Lose Fat Fast, our nutritionists will work with you either in person via email or phone to achieve your weight loss goals

Why Choose Us ?

  • Rapid weight loss

  • Weight loss of 3-6kg in 1st week or Money Back Guarantee

  • Approved by expert Accredited Practicing Dietitians

  • Safe, Supportive environment

Motivational counselling allows us to help you make changes easier Research has shown that when it comes to weight loss 80% is due to what we eat and 20% is due to exercise. This is because while people burn calories when they exercise, they make up for this by eating more. Some types of foods are high in calories and can esily be stored as fat. These foods need to be reduced. If you have already tried to reduce your calories and tried many different diets but you are not losing weight, it is likety that you don’t understaod how the body works. At Lose Fat Fast,we understand how the body works

Our Trained Nutrition Professionals at Lose Fat Fast can Help You

  • Translate the science of food metabolism into everyday language

  • Work out how much you need to EAT to optimize nutrition and lose weight

  • Achieve balance at your meals

  • Learn about appropriate propotions of foods

  • Manage your hunger

  • Fast weight loss

  • Eat more tasty foods

  • Double the energy & mental alertness

  • Ongoing support & mentoring from our management team

  • Personally train you and give you the results

  • We will give you motivational techniques-extremely effective. We will inspire you to continue

  • A free day, where you get to eat anything you want

  • This formula is for life, you can go back to the formula whenever in life you want to lose weight

Benefits of losing weight

  • Be happier

  • Sleep better

  • Feel more in control

  • Keep up with your kids

  • Get a sharper focus

  • Increase your confidence

  • Exercise easier

  • Stop fearing the dressing room

  • and many more …

Few Words From Satisfied & Astonished Customers

“The Best Weight Loss Program ever ! Miraculous FAST Weight Loss. I now love my new body!!!”

Mrs. Himali

“I Love it, I Have a Healthier Plan now, I Really Really, Love it!!!”

Miss. Rishada

“I Love it, I Have a Healthier Plan now, I Really Really, Love it!!!”