Honey Syrup

Honey is a syrup mixed with water. After each Hijama we ask to take a cup of honey syrup. It’s a good nutrition.

You can vary the ration of honey to water depending on your taste but always remember to use high quality raw organic honey which still has all the natural enzymes and minerals produced by the bees.

Honey syrup is best made in cold water drink in the morning, particularly on hot days.

Honey is ma Sha Allah the most pleasing sweetener created by Allah the most exalted, praises the bees in the Quran and mentions honeys healthy qualities. 

The use of honey as a medicine is directly traced to the sahih sunnah and therefore should be strongly promoted.

Allah uncovers the hidden beauty of the honey by mentioning that it varies in colors. The same bee can produce different colors of honey at different times of the year depending on which wild flowers it has visited. 

Honey can also be used to treat wounds due to its anti bacterial properties.

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